Adaptive Software


The main activity in this field is connected with data mining and signal processing using models of human brain ability to learn, adapt, associate, generalize and develop abstractions. Most of the models are based on the artificial neural networks, genetic algorithms, hidden Markov models and other approaches capable of adopting to processed data.

The efficiency and productivity of modern adaptive data mining tools are based on the ability to extract very valuable information from seemingly chaotic data without deep knowledge of underlying physical laws, which in fact can be too complicated or still unformulated. Indeed, the extracted information can help the formulation of these laws and the making of correct decisions.

Applications to plasma physics are based on the research in the following areas

  • Visual patterns recognition and classification;
  • Russian speech recognition;
  • Financial time series forecasting;
  • Trading system creation;
  • Blind signals deconvolution;
  • 3D images processing;
  • 2D to 3D images conversion;
  • Data mining.