The Purpose of the Project

General Description

Brief definition and keywords

This site describes the project "Development of information technologies and software for solution of complex problems in controlled thermonuclear fusion". The main aim of the project is the construction of advanced modern information infrastructure in the software support of fusion research and energetics. Mathematical aspects of the problem are considered with examples of solutions, software implementations and applications. The project and the contents of the site can be of interest for specialists in fusion and for researches in other areas, since, as usual to mathematics, the approaches developed for a particular branch of knowledge, find successful applications in many other fields.

The project is partly sponsored by Russian Foundation for Basic Research under grant 10-07-00207.

Main Directions

Classification of tasks

There are several main directions of work distinguished in the area.

  • Structurization of available information about mathematical problems in controlled fusion and intellectual tools for their solution.
  • Formulation of techniques and description of automating tools for science intensive software development and maintenance.
  • Development of common graphic user-friendly interfaces for numerical codes and methods for coupling super-codes in joint computations.
  • Performance of distributed computations, their monitoring and visualization.
  • Creation and analyses of data bases for numerical and real experiment, containing digital and higher level data objects, such as graphs images, video and sound.
  • Development of special intellectual search engines with advanced classification capabilities.
  • Application of modern communication means, such as videoconferencing and forums for acceleration of research activities.
  • Advancement of numerical methods and mathematical models.
  • Training of students and specialists.

Approaches for treatment of all these items are considered in this site.


Human, computer and network resources

Implementation of the project is based on the latest achievements in general and specific computational hardware and software resources, advanced communication schemes and certainly first class professionals.